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About Us

WHOO U R Upscale Resale for a Cause was born out of my experience of non-profit retail, knowing the value of recycling great clothing, furniture, and home decor, fulfilling the need to give back to the community, and knowing the financial devastation of a life threatning or a terminally ill disease.

I love fashion for the home and the body. Finding new homes for personal blongings that have been loved and enjoyed by others is a total joy  It gives me great pleasure to see people find treasures that have been donated and give them new life.

I also love the “green factor” of recycling. Whether it is a piece of clothing or a wonderful piece of furniture – reusing it again in a new space and giving it new life is truly advantageous to our environment and our wallets

I truly hope all of you will embrace this alternate style of shopping.



  1. Give the people in the tri-county area a clean, well maintained business to donate their collection of furniture, home décor, clothing etc that will be displayed in a respectful environment.
  2. Offer the people in the tri-county area a well maintained business to shop for items to enhance their living environment at good prices that will aid their lifestyle challenges of:
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
    • Aiding local charities.
    • Addressing their budget needs.
    • Expressing their individuality through their dressing habits of their body and home.
  3. Provide a fun, safe, environment for residents to volunteer their time to build stronger community relationships with emphasis on:
    • Learning marketable skills.
    • Building friendships.
    • Building opportunities to connect with local charities.
    • Developing tolerance to diverse backgrounds.
    • Connecting the ages by offering an opportunity for young adults to connect with leaders from their community.


We presently operate a 5600 sq ft facility in downtown Rochester.  We have a store loaded with clothing for men, and women, beautiful furniture acquired through estate sale clear outs and private donations. A large selection of home décor aka rugs, lamps, artwork, etc. dinning and entertaining aka china, crystal, silver, everyday dishes and utensils, tools, music, on and on.... 

We participate in Gallery Stroll, Sidewalk Sales, Lagniappe, Big Bright Light Show and other programs sponsored by the DDA.  www.downtownrochestermi.com

We have donated over $55,000 dollars and over a million in kind donations to various other chairities, made in kind donations and cash donations to PCCA, Rochester Symphony, local senior all night parties, Lions Club,  various elementary schools, Rochester Jr. Women’s League, Women Helping Women, Community Housing Network, The Pink Fund, Gleaners Food Bank, Grace Centers of Hope, MS Yoga Moves, etc...



Nancy Kaman
Jennifer Damico
Colleen Stephenson
Susie Mackin
Nadine Mott

Pat Spillman



Lonna Harlow – President
Adah Damico – Director
Karen Bonar – Secretary - Treasure



35 volunteers, names to be supplied by request.